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Industria Argentina - FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 ~ Vamos Argentina (Cartes)

FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 ~ Vamos Argentina (Cartes)
Industria Argentina
136 cards

Mark Avenell very kindly sent me a Gary Medel card from this set for my collection. We have covered the stickers previously - 4 stickers and 2 cards in each pack. The cards are slightly smaller than normal trade cards, measuring 58mm x 85mm.
This checklist is incomplete so any help with completing it would be most welcomed.
1.  Angel Di Maria (Argentina)
12.  Marcelo Vieira (Brazil)
20.  Andreas Iniesta (Spain)
28.  Derek Boateng (Ghana)
31.  Frank Lampard (England)
32.  Mascot
33.  World Cup Trophy
37.  Philipp Lahm (Germany)
39.  Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany)
44.  Sebastian Dominguez (Argentina)
45.  Lionel Messi (Argentina)
56.  Kevin Mirallas (Belgium)
59.  Neymar (Brazil)
60.  Oscar (Brazil)
61.  Hulk (Brazil)
63.  Pierre Webo (Cameroon)
65.  Mario Balotelli (Italy)
67.  Souleymane Bamba (Ivory Coast)
69.  Alexis Sanchez (Chile)
70.  Arturo Vidal (Chile)
74.  Pablo Armero (Colombia)
80.  Jairo Arrieta (Costa Rica)
85.  Carles Puyol (Spain)
86.  Jordi Alba (Spain)
87.  Gerard Pique (Spain)
89.  Vasileios Torosidis (Greece)
91.  Gary Medel (Chile)
92.  Samir Nasri (France)
95.  Lee Ady (Ghana)
96.  Papadopoulos (Greece)
97.  Christodoulopoulos (Greece)
99.  Paul Verhaegh (Holland)
103.  Ashley Cole (England)
112.  Ryo Miyaichi (Japan)
114.  Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
115.  Yuki Abe (Japan)
123.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
131.  Jorge Fucile (Uruguay)

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