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D.C. Thomson / The Victor - Football Favourites posters (1969)

Football Favourites posters (1969)
D.C. Thomson / The Victor
2 posters

Two posters given free with The Victor, with 36 photos on each. Illustrations of part two are shown above.
UPDATE (03-11-2020 16:55):  Roger Pashby has provided scans of all sections of both posters. Check out Roger's amazing website The Huddersfield Town Collection. You can find some more on these posters here - D.C. Thomson / The Victor - Football Favourites posters (1969) (02).

Football Favourites No 1 

E. Hughes, T. Lawrence (Liverpool), R. Tambling (Chelsea)

G. Graham (Arsenal)
K. Mulhearn, A. Oakes (Manchester City)
Jensen, Arentoft, Thorup, Bartram (Morton)
R. Marsh (Queens Park Rangers)
J. Cushley (West ham), M. Jones (Leeds United)
R. Hale (Watford)
F. Pickering (Birmingham City)
D. Gillespie (Dundee United)
B. Kinsey (Charlton Athletic)
P. Eustace (Sheffield Wednesday)
G. Banks (Stoke City)
T. Hennessey (Nottingham Forest), R. Davies (Southampton)
G. Cross (Leicester City)
M. Setters (Coventry City), F. Lee (Manchester City)
L. Ashurst (Sunderland)
J. Trollope (Swindon Town)
K. Wimshurst (Bristol City)
O. Conmy (Peterborough United)
N. Piper (Plymouth Argyle)
J. Toshak (sic) (Cardiff City)
N. Hague (Rotherham United)
D. Best (Oldham Athletic)
M. Kyle (Oxford United)
N. Lawton (Brighton & Hove Albion)
B. Lines (Northampton Town)
J. White (Bournemouth)
H. Curran (Norwich City)
B. Whitehouse (Orient)
J. Hughes (Celtic)
P. Gelson (Brentford)
G. Jones (Bury)
T. Waiters (Blackpool)
D. Shaw (Huddersfield Town)
P. Stanton (Hibs)
R. Woodruff (Crystal Palace)

Football Favourites No 2

A. Brown (Everton), D. Law (Manchester United)

A. Mullery (Totteham Hotspur)
W. Bentley (Stoke City)
C. Cattlin (Coventry City)
J. Gilchrist, K. Weller (Millwall)
A. Dunn (Manchester United)
R. Gould (Arsenal)
R. Kellard (Bristol City)
R. Moller (Hearts)
A. Ball (Everton)
R and I Morgan (Queens Park Rangers)
R. Hunt (Liverpool)
G. Stewart (Dundee)
M. Channon (Southampton)
P. Osgood (Chelsea)
J. Blain (Exeter City)
J. Hobson (Barnsley)
P. Bebbington (Barrow)
V. Gomersall (Swansea Town)
A. Gregory (Shrewsbury Town)
R. Dean (Reading)
G. Rusling (Scunthorpe United)
K. Hodgson (Colchester United)
L. O'Neill (Darlington)
K. Jobling (Grimsby Town)
B. Gibbs (Gillingham)
T. Hallet (Bradford City)
J. O'Rourke (Ipswich Town)
R. Hope (West Bromwich Albion)
G. Wallace (Raith Rovers)
E. Presland (Crystal Palace)
P. Parkes, G. Taylor (Wolverhampton Wanderers)   -  Gerry Taylor actually John Holsgrove - thanks to Roger Pashby
J. Charlton (Leeds), R. Moore, R. Ferguson (West Ham United)
P. Rodrigues (Leicester City)
L. Chatterly (Aston Villa)
A. Jardine (Rangers)

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