Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SportKings LP / In The Game - SportKings Series F (2)

SportKings - Series F 
SportKings LP / In The Game

I probably won't be producing a new post every time I get updated information for this collection, which is due out on 1 August. Any new information may be updated right here. The Brandi Chastain cards above, from the Memorable Moments subset appear as a complete scene when placed together.

2013 SportKings - Series F - Base card
2013 SportKings - Series F - Mini card
2013 SportKings - Series F - Mini card - Silver
2013 SportKings - Series F - Mini card - Gold
267.  Di Stéfano, Alfredo (Soccer)
275.  Gonzalez, Juan Gomez (Soccer)

2013 SportKings - Series F - Logo Card
LC-11.  Alfredo Di Stéfano
LC-19.  Juan Gomez Gonzalez

2013 SportKings - Series F - Papercuts
PC-ADS.  Alfredo Di Stéfano

2013 SportKings - Series F - Vintage Papercuts
VP-P.  Pelé

2013 SportKings - Series F - Autographs
A-CR1.  Cristiano Ronaldo
A-CR2.  Cristiano Ronaldo
A-CR3.  Cristiano Ronaldo
A-CR4.  Cristiano Ronaldo
A-CR5.  Cristiano Ronaldo

2013 SportKings - Series F - Art Cards - Body of Work
BOW-469.  Pelé
BOW-470.  Pelé
BOW-471.  Pelé
BOW-472.  Pelé
BOW-473.  Pelé
BOW-474.  Pelé
BOW-475.  Pelé
BOW-476.  Pelé
BOW-477.  Pelé
BOW-478.  David Beckham
BOW-479.  David Beckham
BOW-480.  David Beckham
BOW-481.  David Beckham
BOW-482.  David Beckham
BOW-483.  David Beckham
BOW-484.  David Beckham
BOW-485.  David Beckham
BOW-486.  David Beckham

2013 SportKings - Series F - Art Cards - Memorable Moments
MM-4A.  World Cup Victory - Brandi Chastain
MM-4B.  World Cup Victory - Brandi Chastain
MM-4C.  World Cup Victory - Brandi Chastain
MM-4D.  World Cup Victory - Brandi Chastain
MM-17A.  The Goal - Pele (unconfirmed)
MM-17B.  The Goal - Pele (unconfirmed)
MM-17C.  The Goal - Pele (unconfirmed)

MM-17D.  The Goal - Pele (unconfirmed)
MM-??A - David Beckham (unconfirmed)
MM-??B - David Beckham (unconfirmed)
MM-??C - David Beckham (unconfirmed)
MM-??D - David Beckham (unconfirmed)

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