Monday, 25 March 2013

William Dawber - Footballers

William Dawber, Elton, Bury

9 known

Issued sometime in the 1940s, these very rare small cards were printed with plain backs, but they have been stamped with a logo giving details about the firm of William Dawber. Each card includes a descriptive caption. Only 9 cards are known, but there are probably more

Johnny Carey the inspiration of the Manchester United team
Jimmy Hagan, the scheming inside-forward of Sheffield United
Manchester City captain, Roy Paul
Logie, Arsenal's Scottish inside-right.
Ron Burgess, Spurs' dynamic captain
Burgess, Spurs captain and left half.
Alf Ramsey, Spurs and England right back.
Alex James of Arsenal and Scotland.
Morris, attacking inside-forward of Derby.


  1. Hi Alan, I have seen it written that these are forgeries, I.E. modern day creations. If you take the typeface and the finish it's very home computer, and not justified as any draftsman or print setter would have done in 1950. If you bought an old rubber stamp at a garage sale you could apply that mark on the rear, that they all have. My bet is these are a 2006 attempt at cashing in big. Well, I am sure. 100%. All the best to you as always

    1. Hi Harri,

      I must disagree, these were discovered in a collection of cards by a reputable dealer and have been confirmed as being issued some time in the late 1940's. Definitely not forgeries, the paper and quality are typical of what was on offer by the few companies that were creating football cards at that time.



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