Tuesday, 26 January 2021

B.A.B. - Football Club Rosettes - Type I

Football Club Rosettes - Type I
60 known

These are usually identified as being issued by B.A.B., and because of this I've listed them as such. But they are unlikely to have been issued by that company. They were probably issued by a company called Northern Trancessories, based in Leeds. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of loose connection between the two companies though.
Some clubs are shown more than once. It is always a good idea to check every B.A.B. sticker you come across as there are often variations in colour or layout. New versions are found quite regularly.
UPDATE (26-01-2021 14:00):  As part of an ongoing exercise to reduce the number of posts relating to the various B.A.B. and Northern Trancessories stickers, prompted by the large amount of excellent photos provided by Phil Wells, here are all the recorded rosette stickers of this type so far recorded. Some of the older images are very poor, especially Carlisle United, Portsmouth and York City. The stickers are unnumbered and are only numbered here because it's the easiest way to keep a count of them. From now on any new stickers that come to light will be added here instead of creating new posts for them.
  1. Arsenal  -  "Arsenal" in Yellow
  2. Arsenal  -  "Arsenal" in Blue
  3. Aston Villa
  4. Birmingham City
  5. Blackpool
  6. Bolton Wanderers
  7. Bristol City
  8. Burnley
  9. Cardiff City
  10. Carlisle United
  11. Chelsea
  12. Coventry City
  13. Crystal Palace  -  Red & Blue Shield
  14. Crystal Palace  -  Blue & Red Shield
  15. Derby County
  16. Derby County  -  different
  17. Everton
  18. Fulham
  19. Huddersfield Town  -  Badge Green & Blue; Ribbons Blue & White
  20. Huddersfield Town  -  Badge Green & Red; Ribbons White & Blue
  21. Hull City
  22. Ipswich Town
  23. Leeds United
  24. Leicester City
  25. Liverpool
  26. Luton Town  -  Coat of Arms one colour
  27. Luton Town  -  White section in coat of arms
  28. Luton Town  -  No White section in coat of arms
  29. Manchester City
  30. Manchester United
  31. Middlesbrough  -  Pale Green
  32. Middlesbrough  -  Dark Green
  33. Millwall
  34. Newcastle United
  35. Norwich City
  36. Nottingham Forest
  37. Notts County
  38. Orient
  39. Oxford United
  40. Portsmouth
  41. Preston North End
  42. Queens Park Rangers  -  Blue Helmet
  43. Queens Park Rangers  -  White Helmet
  44. Sheffield United
  45. Sheffield United  -  Brighter
  46. Sheffield Wednesday
  47. Southampton  -  White Rose
  48. Southampton  -  Red Rose
  49. Stoke City  -  Yellow Boar's Head
  50. Stoke City  -  Green Boar's Head
  51. Stoke City  -  Green Boar's Head; Less shading top panel and central cross
  52. Sunderland
  53. Swindon Town
  54. Tottenham Hotspur
  55. Wales
  56. West Bromwich Albion
  57. West Ham United
  58. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  59. Wolverhampton Wanderers  -  Brighter
  60. York City

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