Thursday 28 February 2013

Leeds United magazine - Leeds United stickers

Leeds United stickers
Leeds United Magazine
Unknown number

These stickers were given free with the monthly Leeds United Magazine. I don't know when the first one was given away, nor the last one. The details I have are listed below.

The stickers are unnumbered. The numbers to the left of the sticker identify the month and year of issue.

02-97.  Nigel Martyn (Vol 3, No. 4 Leeds United magazine)
03-97.  Lee Bowyer (Vol 3; No. 5 Leeds United magazine)
04-97.  Lee Sharpe (Vol 3; No. 6 Leeds United magazine)
09-97.  David Hopkin (Vol 3; No. 11 Leeds United magazine)
Gary Kelly
David Robinson
Pierre Laurent
Rod Wallace
Lucas Radebe

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