Monday 13 March 2023

VistaScreen - 3-D Views - Series C.170 - Crystal Palace F.C.

3-D Views - Series C.170 - Crystal Palace F.C.
? cards (10 football)

This is only the second set of stereoscopic football cards issued by VistaScreen. Sets usually consist of 10 cards so there are six still to identify. The earlier set can be seen here - VistaScreen - 3-D Views - Series 69 - Football.
As a side note: Weetabix issued 6 sets of 3-D cards in the 1960's - Animals, British Cars, British Birds, Working Dogs, Our Pets and Thrills. The set of 25 Thrill cards include various sports such as Ski Jumping, Motor Racing, Horse Racing, Show Jumping, Bobsleigh, Ice Hockey, Scrambling, Sailing, Mountaineering and Diving but no football.

C.170.   Crystal Palace F.C.

Len Choules
Bernard Harrison
Terry Long
Vic Rouse

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