Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Echo Grapphics / Sun Publications - Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool F.C.
Echo Grapphics / Sun Publications
13 cards

Large 10" x 13" cards with artwork by Cecil Rigby.

1.  Ray Clemence
2.  Ian Callaghan
3.  Alun Evans
4.  Emlyn Hughes
5.  Tommy Smith
6.  Ian St. John
7.  Geoff Strong
8.  Peter Thompson
9.  Ron Yeats
10.  Roger Hunt
11.  Tommy Lawrence
12.  Chris Lawler
13.  Bill Shankly


  1. My friend has this collection, Minus Ray Clemence card, all others are signed congratulations and there signature apart from Geoff Strong and Ron Yeats, friends got them as a present when he married in 1968.

    Are they worth anything?

    1. Sounds fascinating. I would think they'd be worth something, though I wouldn't have any idea about putting a price on them.


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