Tuesday 23 January 2018

FC Bayern München II - FC Bayern München II Autogrammkarten (2006-07)

FC Bayern München II Autogrammkarten
FC Bayern München II
? cards

I don't have a complete checklist for this collection but I have indicated those cards that I know to exist.

Alexander Buch   -   confirmed
Stefano Celozzi
Stephan Fürstner
Andreas Görlitz
Michael Görlitz
Max Grün
Timo Heinze
Marco Höferth
Mats Hummels
Michael Kokocinski
Thomas Kraft
Christopher Krause
Sebastian Langkamp
Christian Lell
Stefan Maierhofer
Fabian Müller   -   confirmed
Florian Müller   -   confirmed
Louis Clément Ngwat-Mahop
Georg Niedermeier
Michael Rensing
Christian Saba
Steffen Schneider   -   confirmed
Tom Schütz
Matthias Schwarz
Borut Semler
Daniel Sikorski
Marco Stier
Sandro Wagner

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