Monday, 20 February 2017

Chix Confectionery - (CHI-340-3) Famous Footballers - No. 3 Series (04) - 48 - Paul Feasey

(CHI-340-3/CGO-2-3) Famous Footballers - No. 3 Series
Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd.
48 cards

More scans supplied by Roger Long of pairs of cards showing the differences, this time it's Paul Feasey. Some of the major differences have been noted.
Roger is still looking for 6 of the difference cards to complete his collection and the card missing here is one of them. He would be interested in hearing from anyone who has the following cards available - nos. 1, 21, 33, 35, 36 and 48. Once an image of the other card becomes available it will be added here.
UPDATE (02-04-2018 10:49):  Thanks to John Briggs for the scan of the card on the right.

48.  Paul Feasey (Hull City)  -  Part of left hand in picture; Right hand 1mm from picture edge; Crowd brown, green and yellow; Light blue sky at top of card; Hair dark brown
48.  Paul Feasey (Hull City)  -  Only 3/4 of left arm in picture; Right hand 2mm from picture edge; Crowd purple; No sky; Hair fair/ginger


  1. Hi Alan, Paul played for Hull City, not Wolves.


    1. Thanks Nik, I'll change it right away.




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