Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Upper Deck - 1994 World Cup 'Toons (2)


1994 World Cup 'Toons
Upper Deck
120 + 24 cards

I suppose these have little interest to collectors of football cards, but here's an illustrated checklist of the Final Qualifiers Hologram cards.

World Cup Final Qualifiers Holograms (1:2 packs)

Q1.   United States

Q2.   Germany
Q3.   Mexico
Q4.   Greece
Q5.   Russia
Q6.   Colombia
Q7.   Brazil
Q8.   Bolivia
Q9.   Morocco
Q10.  Cameroon
Q11.  Nigeria
Q12.  Belgium
Q13.  Ireland
Q14.  Argentina
Q15.  Italy
Q16.  South Korea
Q17.  Bulgaria
Q18.  Sweden
Q19.  Netherlands
Q20.  Norway
Q21.  Spain
Q22.  Switzerland
Q23.  Romania
Q24.  Saudi Arabia

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