Friday, 14 June 2013

Soccer magazine - Club Curiosities

Club Curiosities
Soccer magazine
Unknown number

A cartoon strip cut from an unknown newspaper or comic. Each one includes a caricature of a famous footballer connected with the featured club. The number of different ones could probably run to over a hundred.
UPDATE (01-02-2018 19:51):  Richard Small has provided information that proves that these cuttings come from Soccer magazine, the official journal of the Football Players' Union.
UPDATE (16-05-2020 09:54):  It is now known that the cutting shown above is one that originally appeared in Sporting Mirror, some were later reproduced in Soccer magazine, the Official Journal of the Football Players Union.

Barnsley - Harry Tufnell 
Barrow - Jack Crayston
Bristol Rovers - Cliff Britton 
Cowdenbeath - Alec Venters
Derby County - Steve Bloomer 
Hearts - Bobby Walker 
Hibernian - Jimmy Dunn 
Leeds United - Jim Baker 
Northampton Town - Fanny Walden
Nottingham Forest
Reading - Herbert Smith 
Rotherham United - H. Millership 
Stockport County - Alf Lythgoe


  1. Hello Alan,
    I have thirty of these starting at number 89 and finishing at 119.
    I also have number 1 through to number 12 covering county cricket.

    1. Hi Trevor,

      I thought I wouldn't have been the one one interested in these....



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