Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Monty Gum - International Stars (1965-66)

International Stars
Monty Gum
20 Footballers

Mark Avenell has been in touch, sending along a scan of the above card...
Hello Alan
Do you know anything about this card? It is possible that it is from a MONTY GUM set, I also believe other cards in the set include various sport and film stars.
I've got lots of details of Monty Gum football cards and this one doesn't seem to come from any of them. I know that Monty Gum issued many, many card sets throughout the 1960s and 1970s. I've done a lot of research without finding out anything about this card. Does anyone have similar cards in their collection?
UPDATE (07-04-2019 19:11):  Carl Wilkes has confirmed that this collection of 100 International Stars (20 footballers, 12 stars of other sports and 68 film stars) was only issued by Perfetti Gum in Italy in 1967. Even though it looks like a Monty Gum set it was never issued by Monty Gum. You can find the full Perfetti Gum checklist here - Perfetti Gum - International Stars (05).


  1. Hi Alan. I am told that there was a set of plain back cards produced by Monty Gum in 1965/66 called International Stars. It was a large set, including sportsmen and women (footballers, athletes etc.), actors, musicians... As part of this set there were 20 footballers, including Bobby Moore. At about the same time the cards were distributed in Italy through Perfetti Gum. I hope that this helps. Regards, Nigel

  2. Hi Nigel
    Do you happen to know who the 20 footballers featured were please?

  3. Hi!

    Florian Albert
    Jose Altafini
    Georgi Asparuhov
    Franz Beckenbauer
    Bobby Charlton
    Igor Chislenko
    Nestor Combin
    Walter Corbo
    Jimmy Greaves
    Helmut Haller
    Denis Law
    Sandro Mazzola
    Bobby Moore
    Gianni Rivera
    Karl-Heinz Schnellinger
    Luis Suárez
    Paul Van Himst

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Øivind

      Thank you very much for the checklist, I'll do another post, probably tomorrow, using the information you have provided.



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