Saturday, 17 June 2017

Panini America - 2017 Father's Day (02) - Checklist


2017 Father's Day
Panini America
70+ base cards

Two different 2-card packs are available during this promotion, one for Football (the U.S. version) and one for Multi-Sport. I've only worked on the sections that include football cards. The Base cards in the Multi-Sport version are numbered for all other sports but the football cards, of which there only seem to be two, and these have the players initials as the card numbers. I don't mind as it means I don't really have to compile a checklist for these cards. More information and photos will be added as they come available.
UPDATE (17-06-2017 22:46):  Lionel Messi #/50 added.
UPDATE (18-06-2017 04:37):  Not all Base Set cards are sequentially numbered, some cards are including those where the card numbers are made up of the players initials, like the Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi cards. These Base cards are sequentially numbered to 499. I originally used images of those two cards that were supplied by Panini America in the past week that were not sequentially numbered, but I've now removed them from this checklist.
UPDATE (19-06-2017 12:25):  Lionel Messi #/5 added.
UPDATE (19-06-2017 16:39):  Lionel Messi Panini Collection '1 of 1' added.
UPDATE (21-06-2017 09:41):  Two Lionel Messi cards added - Base #/10 and Panini Collection #/25. To date there are 21 images of 16 different cards.
UPDATE (21-06-2017 14:52):  Christian Pulisic Panini Collection Cracked Ice #/25 parallel added.
UPDATE (23-06-2017 05:23):  Christian Pulisic Panini Connection Autograph card added.

2017 Father's Day - Base Set
70+ cards
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Refractor  #/499
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Chrome/Holo Pillars  #/50
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Cracked Ice/Crystal Shards  #/25
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Thick  #/25
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Prismatic Foil/Future Frames  #/10
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Lava Flow  #/5
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Hyperplaid  1/1
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Base Set - Autograph

CR.  Cristiano Ronaldo
LM.  Lionel Messi

2017 Father's Day - Panini Collection
15 cards
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Panini Collection - Cracked Ice  #/25
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Panini Collection  1/1
PARALLEL:  2017 Father's Day - Panini Collection  - Autograph

1.  Kobe Bryant (Basketball)
2.  Kevin Durrant (Basketball)
3.  Ben Simmons (Basketball)
4.  Karl-Anthony Towns (Basketball)
5.  Kyrie Irving (Basketball)
6.  Dirk Nowitzki (Basketball)
7.  Christian Pulisic (United States)
8.  Lionel Messi (Argentina)
9.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
10.  Andrew Benintendi (Baseball)
11.  Dansby Swanson (Baseball)
12.  Kris Bryant (Baseball)
13.  Mike Trout (Baseball)
14.  Clayton Kershaw (Baseball)
15.  Tim Tebow (Baseball)

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