Friday, 21 April 2017

Panini - Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia sticker collection (07) - Albums

Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia sticker collection
480 stickers

The different album versions known so far, but there must be others. If you can help with scans please get in touch.
UPDATE (21-04-2017 22:19):  First album listed - Turkey amended to Tunisia, thanks to a comment.
UPDATE (22-04-2017 08:26):  Front cover of Slovenia version added.
UPDATE (22-04-2017 08:41):  Front cover of USA album added along with front and back cover of the French album.
  1. Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia  -  illustration 1, 2
  2. Russia, Belarus  -  illustration 3, 4
  3. Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Hong Kong - Free/Gratis version - Black spine  -  illustration 5, 6
  4. USA  -  illustration 7
  5. France  -  illustration 8, 9


  1. İn the first category is not Turkey,it is Tunisia flag :)

  2. I have the German album. Is there any difference inside, for example the inside of the backcover between the German album and the one that was released in Belgium?

    1. Can anyone help Twan? I presume the back cover is different - I haven't seen a German album yet.



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